Draft Final Report

The Public Comment Period for the Heights-Northside Mobility Study was open from April 1, 2014 – May 2, 2014.  After a number of responses, the Public Comment Period is now closed.  Thank you for your participation!

Please note, the Final Report will not be released until all comments are properly reviewed.  As such, we thank you for your continued support and patience.

5 thoughts on “Draft Final Report

  1. Please create a safe bike path from the Near Northside into downtown. North Main feels very dangerous currently, but at least it connects downtown. If it, Fulton/San Jacinto, or another central street could have a dedicated bike path, it would help make the Northside a much more appealing place for cyclists to live, work, and enjoy.

    Thank you!

  2. Tomika, thank you for your comment, and the Project Team is very interested in increasing such connectivity. If time permits, please see the “Bike System Maps” provided in Chapter VII. Outcomes, Section 7.3 Bike System Gaps and Vision (P. 115-116), and tell us what you think. Also, to get a better understanding of the types of users being considered for this study, please take a look at Chapter V. Changing Mobility Considerations, Section 5.4 Bike System Gaps and Vision. Given your interest, please read these sections, and provide us feedback. You can also view the system maps directly by simply clicking the “Interactive Recommendations Map” above.

  3. Thank you, hollmanna. It appears that San Jacinto Street is going to connect to Fulton through the Hardy Yards? That would be a fantastic bike path! However, would this connection also force a heavy amount of car traffic onto Fulton? How many lanes would it be? If Fulton is to become only one lane each direction with a bike path one each side, as the drawings indicate, that could be very nice. My concern would be if Fulton were widened any (or much) more than it is today. Forcing lots of cars onto Fulton could have a major negative impact on the current historic character of the neighborhood, one of the rare gems left in the city.

    The White Oak Bayou bike path is fantastic. It appears that Gargan St might be a proposed connection to it? That would be wonderful! If not, I think at least one neighborhood street needs to connect to the trail.

    The Hardy/Elysian On-Street Master Bike Designation is also very nice.

    Thank you!

  4. Also, I am so happy to see the recommended Hogan St On-Street Bike Lane! Is that what is meant by “Facility?” That east-west connection is vitally important and is currently very dangerous. If possible, please dedicate a protected Bike Lane on the Hogan St bridge over I-45. It is currently so scary to cross that bridge on a bicycle.

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